Habitech-Distretto Tenologico Trentino s.c.a.r.l.

Habitech was formed in 2006 and consists of over 300 organisations, public agencies and research companies focussed on energy and the environment. With a turnover of close to one billion euros there are 8000 employees focussed on improving the habitat we live in.

Habitech is:

  • a network of 300 companies focusing on exploiting sustainability to develop business opportunities and community improvements
  • a national excellence hub for green building, energy and sustainable mobility
  • The technologival District for energy and environment recognised by the Italian Ministry for University and Research.
  • A catalyst for green business development

Green Building, Energy and Sustainable Mobility

In these areas Habitech develops projects, offers services for innovation, technical and commercial support for enterprises and institutions. Habitech has the expertise and experience to organize and work within the enterprise networks stimulating cooperation among different businesses and the development of innovative projects.


Habitech is working to develop ESCo (Energy Service Companies):  these companies provide a wide range of energy solutions which include designs and implementation of energy savings projects, energy conservation, energy infrastructure, power generation and also energy supply.

Habitech works with the ESCos supporting theme to perform analysis of the property, design energy efficient solutions, install required elements, and maintain the final system to ensure energy savings during the payback

Renewable Sources

Green, Smart, Small: Habitech is transforming a small region into a competitive leverage by developing a new and innovative approach to energy production and distribution. Habitech is the ideal partner to develop integrated projects thanks to its technical knowledge, network and expertise.

Habitech network of companies is involved within the energy market in a variety of sectors: photovoltaic, hydroelectric, biomass, hydrogen and DHC (district heating and cooling).

Sustainable Mobility

An efficient transportation system is key in the sustainable development of an area.  Habitech uses first class technology and worldwide best-practice to approach the sustainable mobility issue in order to achieve system interventions to increase the economic, social and environmental sustainability.  Habitech is a key partner for local government and institutions. We are interested in researching frameworks and rating systems for sustainable mobility local initiatives


Habitech is a Promoting Member and Main Sponsor for the Italia Green Building Council.