EDF Group is one of the leading energy suppliers in the world, with subsidiaries throughout in Europe.

The Group manages around 1800 office buildings, through EDF SA in France, EDF Energy in the UK and EDISON in Italy. This building stock is very heterogeneous, with a mixture of high performing through to older, less efficient buildings.

Our ambition is to lead energy change both on the production side, and also for users, promoting services to help our customers to enhance their energy performance. With consistency in mind, we apply to ourselves what we recommend to others and have now launched an ambitious energy performance programme for our own buildings throughout the Group.

Nathalie Charles, EDF Group Real Estate Director says:

"EDF Group is committed to control and minimize the environmental impact of its activities, including pure tertiary activities, i.e. building occupation and operation. EDF group occupies more than 5,000,000 m² of office buildings in approx. 10 countries throughout the world and owns part of them. EDF Group joined ISA as a Founding Member from its early beginning.

ISA offers, to EDF Group, a good opportunity to gather environmental data of its buildings in a unique database. This database allows for easy reporting and to benchmark our buildings to their peers, within EDF Group but also with the buildings of other members, which is important, in particular, in countries where we have few buildings. EDF is now in the process of expanding the data collection process within EDF Group and The Real Estate Division intends to draft action plans to improve the performance of its buildings stock on the basis of the ISA benchmarking report.

The database development and the associated QA process have been completed successfully are are fully operational. The ISA 2012 report is an essential brick in the foundation of EDF Sustainable Development Policy and Reporting. We wish ISA a long life and plenty of new members worldwide to enlarge ISA geographical benchmarking capabilities."