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published: 18/11/2014

Healthy places for people: conference and exhibition

3 December 2014, BRE, Watford 

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We are moving into a new health care era with a greater impetus on keeping people healthy rather than focusing on making them better after they become ill.

Details :

Creating healthy places is fundamental to peoples’ good health and wellbeing at home and in the community, and in delivering better and more efficient patient recovery from  healthcare. This will require the joining up of many parts of the healthcare, social care and local government system, the creation of new partnerships, policies, strategies, matrixes and information.

This conference will bring together leaders from housing, public health and NHS sectors to discuss their priorities and explore why we should and how we can work together more closely.

The performance of buildings and the impact of them on people’s health is a key component in keeping people healthy. Two areas where BRE has some of the answers and has expertise are related to health outcomes in housing and healthcare buildings which will form the focus of the conference, creating a better understanding of the impact of buildings and homes on people.

Delegates should attend this conference to: 

  • Improve their understanding of the relationships between buildings and people
  • Gain an understanding of how the NHS can engage with local authorities to improve local health including housing
  • Hear case studies from across the country where this agenda has successfully been embraced
  • Gain an understanding of how indoor environments improve clinical and health productivity and deliver better health outcomes
  • Hear from other NHS trusts - Delivering more sustainable outcomes through community engagement
  • Engage with NHS trusts, health and well-being boards clinical commissioning groups, facility managers directors of estates and projects, housing associations, fuel poverty charities
  • Gain 5½ hours CPD points 

BRE is an independent, impartial, research-based, organisation owned by the BRE Trust; a registered charity. We collaborate with others to provide expertise and training on virtually every aspect of the built environment; helping clients create better, safer and more sustainable, buildings and communities. See what we are doing on healthcare here and housing here.

Event Programme

09.00 Registration/Exhibition/Networking  
09.30 Welcome Chris Earnshaw, Chairmain BRE Group
09.35 Keynote 1 Kevin Fenton, Public Health England (TBC)
10.00 Keynote 2 David Pencheon, NHS Sustainable Development Unit
10.25 Plenary workshop Chaired by Gill Leng PHE


Parallel seminar sessions on:

Housing - reducing NHS admission costs though better housing

NHS -Impact of health buildings on care outcomes

11.15 Boilers on prescription – Paul Burns, Green Futures Manager Gentoo  Overheating is becoming an increasing problem in hospitals. What is its impact on patients and staff health and well-being, and what passive/active measures can be taken to minimise its impact, before mechanical cooling becomes a necessity? Mindy Hadi, Occupational Psychologist and Michael Swainson Principal Engineer, BRE.
11.45 Working with health professionals to improve and adapt housing - David Arkle, Housing Manager Amber Valley Borough Council Strategy for successfully creating healing environment for patients in the hospital and wider community. A case study on Alder Hey Children’s hospital - David Houghton, Project manager Alder Hey Hospital 
12.15 Accessing the most vulnerable Households – Thurrock Council’s Well Homes Programme - Louisa Moss, Housing Enforcement Manager Thurrock Council How can the NHS influence the health of people in their homes? Case study on Bart’s Healthcare NHS Trust Fuel poverty initiative - Fiona Daly, Sustainability Manager Bart's Healthcare (TBC)
12.45 Durham’s Warm and Healthy Homes Project, a housing, public health and CCG initiative – Cliff Duff Senior Housing Development and Delivery Officer, Durham County Council Resilience looking at a number of health impacts and how they can be ameliorated from flooding to overheating – Stephen Garvin, Director Centre for Resilience BRE
13.15 Lunch/Exhibtion/Networking  
14.00 The Real Cost of Poor Housing – update on the impact housing in England has on health and the cost to the NHS, wider society and QALYs.  Mike Roys, BRE
14.25 Examples of success – Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust. David Law Chief Executive
14.50 Sustainability Day Campaign or affordable warmth. Trevor Payne/Fiona Daly, Bart’s Healthcare NHS Trust (TBC)
15.15 NICE – Excess winter deaths and cold homes - Hugo Crombie, NICE  
15.40 Procure 21 + Repeatable room concepts of delivering better healthcare through better buildings. David  Kershaw, Director Balfour Beatty on behalf of P21+
16.05 Closing address – Summing up cultural change, the need to learn from good practice and make new partners to deliver the common goal. Gill Leng, Public Health England
16.15 Exhibition, refreshments and networking  

Intended Audience:

Policy makers and health and housing practitioners in both local housing authorities and public health teams, Senior environmental health practitioners, Private sector housing managers, NHS trusts and private health including care homes ; Directors of estates, projects , operation , CEOs , Sustainability managers , Housing providers, Council leaders and councilors with portfolio for housing or health, CCG representatives, Health and wellbeing boards , NICE, DoH.

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