About ISA

Investing in your property portfolio

The BRE International Sustainability Alliance (ISA) is a membership organisation that welcomes property owners, occupiers and investors who wish to come together to share best practice in the sustainable management of their property portfolios to improve financial performance. 

Improving the performance of real estate

Real estate owners, occupiers, developers and funders around the world are facing ever increasing demands to address the need for greater sustainability of existing buildings.

40% of carbon emissions come from the built environment.  ISA is a response to the increasing legislative and economic demands across the world to address the sustainability of buildings.

ISA will help members develop a common understanding of how their buildings perform, what measures can be taken to improve them and what this means in terms of value and return on their investment.  ISA will also promote research on sustainability in the built environment and lobby for better regulation.

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International Sustainability Alliance

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T: +44 (0)1923 369080