ISA Benchmarking Report 2011

ISA, the global network of real estate organisations, first launched its Annual Benchmarking Report at Expo REal in October 2011, the first meaningful attempt to publish sustainability metrics for real estate.  

Jaap Gillis, Co-Chair of ISA and Chief Operating Officer of Redevco said: “This report is an important step in the direction of addressing the fundamental issue of meaningful metrics.  The report shows the power of using data from multiple sources to compile accurate CSR reporting of a company’s environmental performance as well as supporting benchmark reports across asset classes and national boundaries”.

The report focuses on a selection of ISA member’s property assets in the office and retail sectors across five countries: Portugal, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. It features three critical ISA key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure the intensity of energy, water and CO2 emissions by floor area. ISA members will be able to use this data to obtain individual reports on the performance of their portfolios.

“Compiling this report has not been without its challenges” said Gillis. “Approaches to data collection vary across companies and countries. It takes years for organisations to learn how to collect data and inevitably the range of data collected varies widely. However ISA members are fully engaged in tackling these issues through sharing experiences and working collaboratively.  Our technical sub-committees, for example, are addressing the key challenges in data collection across the real estate sector, dealing with issues including quality, verification and definitions.”

The report will be published on an annual basis by ISA. As membership increases, the ISA database is growing rapidly and the volume of quality data on individual building classes grows. This in turn generates opportunities for research, analysis and sharing of corporate knowledge in sustainability reporting. To date, information on more than 7000 real estate assets is recorded and ISA members currently manage or own more than €850 billion of real estate value and so the potential for this to grow in the future is enormous.

To obtain a copy of the ISA 2011 Benchmarking Report please click on the report image above.  


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