Example ISA Portfolio Performance Report

Members of ISA who contribute data to the online system receive an annual Portfolio Performance Report as part of their membership package.

The report illustrates and summarises the contents of a member's portfolio, providing bespoke analysis of their data, along with detailed recommendations on how improvements could be made.

One of the main benefits of ISA/BRE delivering a report is the wide range of experience that we are able to draw upon, in order to help members continually improve performance.

ISA is aligned with other reporting mechanisms, rather than re-inventing current best practice, which means that the ISA KPIs can be used to support corporate reporting, in line with recognised protocols including GRI CRESS, GHG Protocol and EPRA.

Confidentiality is recognised as paramount - detailed information contained within the member's report is only shared with the member.  The data from all ISA members is anonymously aggregated in order to generate ISA benchmarks.

The report shown here is an example of an Annual Portfolio Performance Report, and uses a represenatative dataset to demonstrate the kinds of outputs that are produced.

Please click on the image for a copy of the report.

Please also click here for our guide to the ISA Portfolio Performance Report.



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