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From time to time ISA will update this page with publications that are available through the BRE Bookshop and may be of interest to you:

Green Buildings Pay:


This document shows how leading investors and developers are using sustainability to drive value.  It includes articles on NCC's use of BREEAM and how Wereldhave use BREEAM certification to help secure tenant commitment.We also feature DLA Piper who are using green contracts linked to BREEAM to improve sustainability performance.

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A Plan for Public Procurement : Food and Catering:


The plan sets out what standards the public sector and suppliers are encouraged to follow when buying food and catering services.

It proposes a new but voluntary approach, involving use of a balanced scorecard and an e-marketplace, to improve food procurement in the public sector.


The plan focuses on:

  • provision of a “toolkit” which enables food procurers to consider a variety of factors when making decisions about procurement
  • working together with industry, procurers, researchers and farmers to support opportunities for British grown produce and food within the public procurement market
  • ongoing work to develop the toolkit through five different working groups covering procurers, suppliers, research and technology bodies (focusing on innovation), assurance schemes and Local Enterprise Partnerships.

BRE applied a BREEAM approach to the development and application of the balanced scorecard that is now being applied to food procurement. In BREEAM we apply factors such as energy, pollution, ecology, materials, waste, water and transport – in the balanced scorecard for food this was translated to price, nutrition, production, resource efficiency, socioeconomic factors and service.

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Delivering sustainable buildings : savings and payback:


The report shows that more sustainable buildings can be built with little or no added costs but with significant savings in operational costs as a consequence of, for example, being more energy efficient. 

Aug14:  Last week we published a report, Delivering sustainable buildings: savings and payback, which was authored by a team from BRE with a team from the Sweett Group of cost consultants. Their work showed that more sustainable buildings can be built with little or no added costs but with significant savings in operational costs as a consequence of, for example, being more energy efficient. This work has come about due to the innovation and learning stimulated by the widespread use of BREEAM. It provides a strong economic foundation for the application and the use of BREEAM, which of course delivers so many other associated environmental and societal sustainability benefits. 

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Energy publications:

Energy management in the built environment:  A review of best practice:



A step-by-step approach to energy management is explained, together with the use of a matrix tool for implementing energy management initiatives within an organisation. 

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Energy surveys and audits:  A guide to best practice:


This is not a comprehensive technical guide, but highlights the important issues that need to be considered and directs the reader to more detailed technical information where appropriate.

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The essential guide to retail lighting: Achieving effective and energy-efficient lighting:


Providing retailers, architects and designers with detailed practical information and guidelines to develop energy efficient, cost-effective lighting solutions for both new and existing stores.

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Domestic Housing:

Sustainable Refurbishment of Domestic Buildings using BREEAM – a Practical Guide:


A simple guide to integrating sustainability into existing housing upgrades. It breaks down a home piece by piece to help professionals such as builders, architects and plumbers, address the elements of a home – from the walls and roof to the fittings and fixtures – using a holistic approach

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Low Carbon Domestic Refurbishment – Briefing Note:


Advises on delivering low carbon refurbishment for a range of UK property types. It highlights the house types in the UK which have the greatest potential for improvement. The guide also explains what measures may be required to achieve various BREEAM standards from ‘Pass’ to ‘Outstanding’ in a range of existing homes. It shows how BREEAM ‘Excellent’ can be achieved in most UK house types without the use of renewables, where a fabric first approach has been adopted.

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Commercial Buildings:

BREEAM In-Use:  Driving Sustainability Through Existing Buildings:


BREEAM In-Use is a scheme to help building managers, investors, owners and occupiers reduce the running costs and improve the environmental performance of existing non-domestic buildings. It consists of a standard, user friendly assessment methodology and an independent certification process that provides a clear and credible route map to improving sustainability credentials of existing buildings.


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