BRE Building Monitor


How Energy Efficient is your building?  How effective are your energy efficiency measures?

The new BRE Building Energy Monitor can cost-effectively answer these questions.


Building owners and managers need reliable  information on the energy performance of their buildings.  It is particularly important to be able to quantify the impact of investments in energy efficiency, on reducing energy consumption and improving thermal comfort and health.                      


The Hub enables the different stakesholders involved in delivering and applying energy efficiency to fully understand their impact and influence.

The BRE Energy Hub allows stakeholders to answer critical questions:


are the solutions provided fit for purpose and able to deliver promised outcomes?

Developer / Contractor:

is there a gap between theoretical and actual performance when delivering new or refurbished works?


does the product perform as specified?


are savings that are integral to your financial models being delivered?


how does your behaviour affect your buildings' performance?


For a complimentary brochure on the BRE Monitoring Tool please click on the image above.

For further information please contact ISA.



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