What are our objectives?

The primary objectives of ISA are:

  • To produce a report annually (the “Annual Report”) for each Founding and General Member that contains an assessment of the property data placed in the ISA database (the “Database”) by the Member, which might assist Members in reducing CO2 emissions, preserving water resources and making investment decisions.

- The Annual Report contains an analysis of current ISA key performance indicators (“KPI’s”) that include energy, CO2, waste and water at site, building and asset level by country and sector. This allows Members to benchmark their property portfolio within their organisation and against other companies that have provided data.

- The KPI’s are aligned to the Global Reporting Index Commercial Real Estate Sustainability Supplement (GRI CRESS) and the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) standards. This enables Members to incorporate their results into both their Annual Reports and Corporate Social Responsibility reports in a standardised way.

  • To provide a gateway for access to certification of the environmental performance of buildings in-use.

The secondary objectives of ISA are:

  • To influence governments towards better legislation on green issues as they affect the built environment.
  • To promote scientifically-based research into sustainability in the built environment for the benefit not only of Members but the wider community.


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