Advantages of ISA

In 2009, as a group of leading real estate organisations, we identified the BRE Trust, the renowned built environment research and education charity, as a partner to form the Alliance to evaluate our portfolios.  This is for a range of purposes including benchmarking and CSR reporting of the sustainable performance and environmental impact of our buildings.

It also provides a platform for certification against BREEAM In-Use and other compatible standards.

  • An online tool available 24/7 that enables data to be entered and evaluated whenever you like.
  • Ability to generate a benchmark report when you want.
  • GRI CRESS, EPRA and GHG Protcol compliant.
  • Typical reports include:

- KPIs for energy, water, waste and GHG.

- Profile reports by country and sector.

  • The ISA database allows members to input details (at site, building and asset level) for their entire portfolio(s).
  • Identify good and bad performers from within your own portfolio(s) to facilitate decision making to retain and improve or dispose.
  • Benchmark individual properties and whole portfolios against similar buildings in the same country and across the world.
  • Monitor improvements in environmental performance over time and against targets allowing for trend analysis.
  • Derive a simple but powerful ISA Scorecard indicator of performance showing property portfolio(s) against absolute values.
  • Consumption reports for direct, indirect and on-site energy, carbon emissions, water consumption and waste generation.
  • Conversion factors embedded within the system allow for the differing international measuring methodologies to be standardised to a common reporting format.
  • Work with us to produce new KPIs, inform Government, conduct research and share best practice.


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