Membership Fees


The membership fees for ISA are dependent on the category of membership. Further details on the membership categories can be found by clicking on the Membership Types below.

Membership Type                                                                                                                    

Annual Member Fee (UK Pounds Sterling)                                                  

ISA Credits (included in fee)                                                   ISA Credit Fees                                                                          

Maximum Payable   (Membership Fees & ISA Credit Fees)

Strategic Membership           POA - - -
Founding Membership UK£ 25,000 Unlimited n/a UK£ 25,000
General Membership UK£ 12,000 200 UK£ 50 UK£ 25,000
Portfolio Membership UK£ 12,000 200 UK£ 50 No Maximum
Affiliate Membership UK£ 5,000 5 n/a UK£ 5,000
Associate Membership UK£ 2,000 n/a n/a £UK 2,000


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