BRE Buzz - The Online Community for the Built Environment


BRE Buzz is the online community which connects built environment professionals, academics and activists, and encourages change and innovation to help shape the future of the world in which we live.


The website includes information on:  

   ♦  BRE Group News Containing a variety of up-to-date articles from BRE Group
   ♦ BRE Academy Linking to the re-launched BRE training facility, fusing BREEAM and other training that were previously separate, adding online access to learning resources, Moodle profiles, and an associate programme
   ♦ iPark Portal The latest information on the BRE Innovation Parks, including details on the Beijing Green Building Park.  Further information can be found on the iPark Portal by clicking here
   ♦ Building4Change The latest news from an online knowledge hub, dedicated to sustainability, innovation and best practice in the built environment
   ♦ BRE Innovation Park Tours BRE Innovation Park Watford welcomes visits from organisations and individuals who wish to learn about the latest innovative technologies and demonstration buildings showcased on the Park
   ♦ Technology4Change       The latest news from the world of technology in the built environment focusing on knowledge, research, and innovation


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